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La Dulce Mordida, created and produced by Idalé Burgos, Puerto Rican singer, songwriter and musician who started as a backup singer of the very popular rock band Vivanativa. She surprises the world with 10 new contagious songs filled with armonics. The album can be classified under the latin rock category with a dance retro mix of flamenco and Brazilian alternative flavors. Her exotic powerful voice, playful and flirtatious lyrics give her an unique edge and style that defy gender stereotypes. Her music makes you smile, sing and dance. 

“Cajita de Chuleria” is the first single of her upcoming album La Dulce Mordida, it became the summer hit of 2012 in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic . Chuleria pa ti! became a slogan.

Her new single Cosquillas promises the same success with lots of brazilian percussion sounds and an unique dance choreography for the masses to emulate.

La Dulce Mordida recorded in San Juan Puerto Rico, has been blessed with grammy award composer and producer Eduardo Reyes and reknown musicians like, Rodolfo Barrera, Danny Rodriguez, Carlos de León, Januz Bakun, Ramon Vazquez, Nabeel Abdulraham. 

Idale was born on September 24, San Juan, surrounded by a family of musicians. She is a romantic Libra who started performing at 4 years old at churches and venues. At 8 she discovered she had the ability to play the guitar and studied at Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico. She also plays piano. 

Chasing her dream of becoming a performer, started dance lessons in different techniques like Flamenco, afro-Antillean, Brazilian and belly dancing with prestigious coreographers , Joey Chevres, Antonio Santaella, Manolete (Joaquin Cortes uncle) and Leyla Zahar. 

While she was studying at University of Puerto Rico, Idale was approached by Vivanativa to record background vocals for their album Viejo. Later she was their backup singer and acoustic guitar player. With them she started a Pub and College tour in the island that ended being the opening act for Ricky Martin, Van Halen, Aerosmith and Bon Jovi. She also recorded with Nava (Rodolfo Barrera) and worked with acts like Vico C, and Jowell y Randy.