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Los 3 de La Habana  (Bio)

Los 3 de La Habana began their career in Cuba in 1993, first working on a vocal harmony trio format and now performing as a 12 piece band lead by German Pinelli (director, singer, musical arranger, guitarist and producer,  Ana Paez (singer) and Tirso Paez (singer, composer, guitarist).  Their complex and unique vocal arrangements, which characterizes this group, combined with genres of Cuban music such as Guajira, Son, Danzon,  Rumba,and Cha-Cha-Cha, among others, make their sound unique. 

Their first album was titled Los 3 de La Habana.  Success was immediate.  People love their innovative harmonies and arrangements.  Their music took them to Spain, Greece, Italy, England, Australia and many other countries.  In the old continent they regularly performed in major festivals and venues.

In 2007 the group moved their base to Miami where they now live.  After arriving, they recorded what was to be their fourth album Llego el Momento.  Immediately thereafter they embarked on an intensive promotional tour that took them to 29 cities in 35 days where they visited New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit and San Francisco.  The introductory tour and America ‘s discovery of their unique sound, the tightness of the musicians and their entertaining values on stage, combined to help them reach Billboard Magazine top chart positions.

 In 2012 they released their first English production titled Transfer ; their album in English with complex vocal arrangements.  Two of it’s songs;  Route 66  and  One Way became hit songs.


1.     3 de La Habana

2.     Y Quienes Son?

3.     Suena Como Yo

4.     Llego el Momento

5.     Luchando

6.     Transfer