Santoral Listen:

Santoral is born in 1992, consisting of 5 young men aged between 13 and 17 years engaged in doing Venezuelan music, working on a polyphonic vocal proposal accompanied by typical Venezuelan instruments and based on empirical musical arrangements.

This format has evolved continuously thanks to the deep contact with Venezuelan roots and some years of academic study, which has allowed them to make musical genres not previously explored, as well as experimenting with new instruments and  with musicians from a variety of trends, whose work has enriched the work of the group.

Today, Santoral is working with a band structured as follows: twocuatros”, electro-acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums, Afro-Venezuelan percussion and trumpet, in addition to the three voices that constitute the mainstay of its proposal.

With a repertoire consisting almost entirely of his own songs and having two of its members  participating actively in songwriting, Santoral incorporates most important Venezuelan composers. Similarly, its intention is to make its repertoire, a tour of the wide musical geography of Venezuela, without neglecting the contribution of foreign genres that enrich its music.

Its proposal has reached beyond the borders of Venezuela, acting in "XXVI Aberdeen International Youth Festival 1998" in Scotland and in the Bolivar Hall in London.The Expo Hannover (Germany) received Santoral´s music during the month of October 2000 and then ​​the city of Madrid, Spain. In 2008, Santoral participated in the Caterpillar Annual Conference in Aruba. Then, in 2011 Santoral performed in Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, Chicago and Miami. They have also received invitations to attend to other regions that they wish to visit in time to come.

Santoral has gotten effusive applause at different scenarios of the country, Teatro Teresa Carreño, Aula Magna de la UCV, Sala Corp Group, CELARG, Teatro Premium en Caracas; Teatro de la CGV de Puerto Ordaz; Teatro de la Ópera de Maracay; Teatro Eladio Alemán Sucre  de Valencia; Teatro del Banco Central de Venezuela, Plaza de toros en Maracaibo; Teatro de la Casa Sindical y de la UNET en San Cristóbal, Teatro Juares, Anfiteatro Oscar Martínez, Teatro Ambrosio Oropeza, Teatro Magdalena Seijas, Sala Alternativa Juan Carmona del diario El Impulso y Domo Bolivariano en Barquisimeto, Velòdromo de Araure, Polideportivo de Maturín y Poliedro de Caracas, among many others.

They have 6 musical productions: El Tiquiti Taqui del Tambor” (1995), “Falta por Cantarle a Tanta Gente” (1998), “Juntos y También Revueltos” (2001), with the quintet Barquisimetal), “Andando despacio” (2004) “Cruzando Caminos” (2006) and “Más que enamorao” (2010), and the DVD “Más que enamorao en vivo” (2011). They have also participated in various institutional projects such as: Lo Nuestro es lo Mejor vol. II y III” (cd's, videos) (1995 and 1996, with Maria Rivas, Serenata Guayanesa, Soledad Bravo, Simon Diaz, among others)," “El Canto del Pueblo1 y 2” (1995 y 1997), “Agua Bendita” (1999) “Talento Larense” (2003, with the tenor Aquiles Machado), as well as participation in the DVD "El Saman" by Aquiles Báez (2004) and the CD Tesoros de la Música Venezolana” by Ilan Chester, production that won a Latin Grammy award in 2010

In 2011, Santoral is nominated for a Latin Grammy for his album "Más que Enamorao" in the category of Best Folk Album, appearing alongside artists like Mercedes Sosa and Soledad Pastorutti. It was in November 2011 that Santoral goes to Las Vegas -Nevada, experiencing one of the most important experiences of his career.