Bachata, like Merengue originated in the rural neighbourhoods of the Dominican Republic. Bachata is a sensual romantic dance with romance, heartbreak and sadness being the prevalent themes for the music. Merengue Merengues are fast arrangements with a 2/4 beat. The traditional instrumentation for a traditional band is a diatonic accordion, a two–sided drum, called a tambora, held on the lap, and a güira.The Merengue is a lively, upbeat dance that displays the common Latin flair of hip isolations, twists and twirls. While it is now a partner dance, the merengue originated as a circle or a group dance performed by the people of the Dominican Republic.

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Freddy Kenton, Jr.
Grupo Mania
Joseph Fonseca
Los Hermanos Rosario
Voz a Voz
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