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After existing as a production company, Access Latin Entertainment has now evolved as a non-commercial boutique booking agency specializing in Latin music and other forms of entertainment that focus on representing talented independent artists, connecting them with opportunities and worldwide audiences. As a boutique agency, our roster is now smaller (by choice) but very selective. Every artist we represent is chosen because of their outstanding talent in live performances and recorded music. Our primary objective is to be able to offer an innovative alternative Latin music.


We still utilize our established relationships with artists, managers, and record labels, to also provide major acts, but working with independent and talented artists is now our priority. We bring quality music to our clients with discipline and passion. We never lose sight of the unique creative visions of the artists we work with. Access Latin also expanded into music management and publishing (Buen Oido Music) to help new artists find the guidance they need to develop their art into sustainable, healthy, long-lasting careers. With over 30 years of experience with Latin music, we are not only bringing experience but transparency, reliability, and quality.

Our Brand

We have been working with Latin music for over 30 years and have relationships with almost every major artist and band. We utilize our established relationships with artists, managers, tour promoters, record labels, and major talent agencies to provide quality entertainment and industry related services. We acquire major acts, as well as up & coming Latin talent. We work with a selective group of artist, but we also acquire major acts as well as developing artist.

Our Work

Access Latin Entertainment will help you choose the best Latin music for your event or advertising campaign and provide you with the information you need to make it a success. We have some of the best contacts in the business including festival presenters, Hispanic media, cultural leaders, and industry influencers. We can also act as a liaison to bring English speaking shows/performances to Latin America!

Our Artists

Jorge Luis Pacheco

“Jorge Luis Pacheco is a virtuoso pianist that defies genre”.-
Monty Alexander


One of Cuba’s Most Extraordinary pianists. He has a unique style that presents a new voice in jazz. His untethered creative, emotionally profound, technically virtuous artistry are steepedin his unrelenting love of improvisation, his lyrical, poetic, musical soul and the disciplineof his deep clasical training.

Jonathan Suazo picture 1

Jonathan Suazo

The New York Times named his formal debut album RICANO as one of the ten best albums of 2023.


Jonathan Suazo is an award winning saxophonist, composer, cultural seeder, and educator. His music treads a beatiful line between intensityand delicacy…



Eme Alfonso

Afro Cuban Jazz and Latin Sounds 


Eme Alfonso, a Cuban singer and songwriter, draws on her roots to combine them with electronic sounds, world percussion, and Afro-Cuban legends. The American NPR and the British BBC have pointed her out as “a promise of Latin music.”


She has won the Cubadisco Award (Cuban Music Awards) with her two albums “Señales” and “Eme”. Her third album is produced by Brazilian producer Alê Siqueira and has been recorded in Cuba and Brazil.


She has been part of important projects that promote Cuba’s cultural diversity such as the “Para Mestizar” project sponsored by UNESCO. She is the Artistic Director of the Havana World Music international festival, with support from the Ministry of Culture of Cuba.


Ronny Mercedes

A rising bachata/pop star…Ronny Mercedes is a Latin American artist from Bronx, New York, who won the hearts of millions by becoming a finalist on the NBC-Telemundo hit TV show “La Voz US” (The Voice), representing Team Wisin.


With his unique New York R&B/tropical style, Ronny Mercedes captivated the audience during his blind audition by singing the song “Lágrimas” by José José, in a bachata version by Aventura. His performance caused mega stars Luis Fonsi, Carlos Vives, and Wisin to compete to have him on their teams. His audition quickly went viral on YouTube, generating over 6.4 million views in a short matter of time, and earning him extreme popularity within Latinx audiences all over the world.


Previously, Ronny was the lead vocalist of the twice Latin Billboard and Latin Grammy nominee, the bachata sensation group Voz a Voz for almost 10 years.


Hermes Croatto

Puerto Rican folk music artist passionate about nature, and Puerto Rican culture. It was his father, Tony Croatto, a well-known folk music artist in Puerto Rico, who after his death inspired him to join the musical world. From that moment on, his mission was to bet on the evolution of Puerto Rican folklore and expose it to new markets outside of the island. 


This mission drives him to create songs with a modern approach collaborating with producers and artists such as Eduardo Cabra, Rec808 and Sie7e.  Good music with beautiful lyrics about Puerto Rican folk and land with modern musical arrangements.   



Septeto Santiaguero

Two times Grammy winners.

Since its founding on February 2, 1995, Septeto Santiaguero has remained deeply connected to the Santiago trova and traditional Cuban music.


Throughout its career, Septeto Santiaguero has performed on important international stages in Spain, Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, the Netherlands, Hungary, England, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Switzerland, and others. It has also had the opportunity to collaborate with significant figures in the arts, such as Rubén Blades, Gilberto Santa Rosa, José Alberto “El Canario,” Oscar D’León, Alexander Abreu, Pancho Céspedes, Omara Portuondo, among others.

We also have access to...


Juan Luis Guerra


Gilberto Santa Rosa


El Gran Combo




Selena Forever (A Tribute Show)


Oscar de Leon


Yarima Blanco

The Cuban Tres Guitar Player that Shines!


It’s no exaggeration to say that Yarima Blanco has an extreme talent with her unique way of playing the Cuban Tres guitar. She produces a distinctive percussive-aggressive sound at times and a smooth, quasi-romantic sound at others.


Experience Yarima Blanco and her band “Son Latino” in live performance concerts, and you’ll see why she is renowned for her technical capabilities and musical versatility.


Born in the city of Bayamo, Cuba, Yarima Blanco showed a special talent for stringed instruments at an early age, falling in love with the guitar. Her first music institute, where she learned music theory as well as the craft of guitar playing, was the music conservatory of her native city of Bayamo. While at the music conservatory, she took part in various music competitions, winning several prizes as a classical guitarist. Not satisfied with her good grades and competition prizes, Yarima Blanco went to Cuba’s capital to attend the “Instituto Superior de Arte” (ISA), where she studied Tres guitar and music theory with the renowned Tres guitar professor Efrain Amador. 



Carlos Averhoff Jr.

Cuban Saxophonist, composer, band leader of two musical projects Iresi & iQba is a recording artist at SunnySide Records Jazz Label and a Grammy Nominee for his collaboration with Buena Vista Social Club Presenta a Omara Portuondo.


All About Jazz names Carlos “a dynamic fresh new voice on the saxophone”. Latin Jazz Network portrays his playing as “quite extraordinarily expressive and beautiful,” further adding, “Carlos Averhoff Jr. is a musician who is renowned as a virtuoso soloist.”


The music of Carlos Averhoff Jr. offers a new hybrid sound of modern Cuban Jazz, his compositions and arrangements masterfully painting a landscape of contemporary harmonies and rhythms from his native land, Cuba. 


As a band leader and side man, Carlos have performed in recognized stages and Jazz Festivals around the world such as: Carnegie Hall, Paris Philharmonic, Krakow Philharmonic, Monte-Carlo Sporting Club, Berklee Performance Center, Scullers Jazz Club, Blue Note Jazz Club, Angela Peralta Teather, Barcelona Jazz Festival, Detroit Jazz Festival, Toronto Jazz Festival, Irapuato International Jazz Festival among other. 


Don Perignon y La Puertorriqueña

High Octane Powerhouse salsa


As the tireless hightone salsa bandleader and timbalero of La Orquesta Puertorriquena, Don Perignon is one of the foremost exponents of big-band salsa in his native Puerto Rico. His band is a high-octane powerhouse and one of the most popular ones on the island.


He comes from a family with a long musical tradition, which includes his cousin, Rafael Cortijo.


After having stood out as musical director for singers Andy Montañez and Lalo Rodríguez, in1989. “Don Perignon” released his first production La Buena Vida, which featured the participation of Victor Manuelle. This album was followed by Festival de Soneros (1990) and Subiendo (1992).


In his career Don Perignon” and La Puertorriqueña, has released thirteen recordings, in which figures such as Gilberto Santa Rosa, Víctor Manuelle, Luisito Carrión, Oswaldo Román, Pedro Brull, Josué Rosado, Rico Walker, José Alberto “El Canario” and Hermán Olivera, among others, have collaborated.




Our Owner

Eddie Ortiz

A graduate from Northeastern IllinoisUniversity, Eddie Ortiz has over 30 years experience with event production, bookings, tour management, and recently, record production and music publishing. Prior to launching Eddie Ortiz and Associates/Access Latin Entertainment, he worked for many years with Henry Cardenas, then Henry Cardenas and Associates (now CMN) as an associate, which at that time was the largest production company in music, sports, and other special events in the U.S. and the Caribbean. While there, Eddie Ortiz worked in all aspects of production, ; planning, developing, media buyer, stage manager, bookings, tour manager and marketing. Some oth the artists that he worked with the, directly or indirectly were: Juan Luis Guerra, Mana, Aventura, Juan Gabriel, Carlos Vives, Marc Anthony, Bronco, Vicente Fernandez, Chayane, Ana Gabriel, Celia Cruz, Franco de Vita, Ricardo Montaner, Ruben Blades, Willie Colon, El Gran Combo, GilbertoSanta Rosa, Oscar de Leon, among others.

Tribute Shows

Tribute bands have been captivating audiences for decades, and their popularity continues to soar; and there is a very much an economic benefit when it comes time to hire a Tribute act.  They are more accessible to a promoter or event organizer than booking  and paying through the nose for the original act or latest “reunion” tour without the energy or enthusiasm. 

Why Choosing Tribute Shows?

Every generation has iconic music legends who shaped their era. Tribute bands allow fans to relive the magic of those legendary performances.  

Tribute bands aren’t your typical cover bands playing in dive bars. They are dedicated impersonators who meticulously recreate every aspect of their favorite artists. 


From appearance to mannerisms, they embody the essence of the original performers. Fans get to witness the same showmanship and charisma that once rocked the stage. 

Many famous bands are no longer together or have stopped performing live. Yet, the demand to hear their music persists. 


Tribute acts step in to fill this void. They sound and even look like the original artists, providing fans with an opportunity to experience something they thought was impossible. 


For those who missed out on seeing their idols live, tribute bands offer a chance to relive those magical moments. 

Current Tribute Shows

Current Promotions

Ronny Mercedes

A rising bachata/pop star…

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