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Don Felipe Muñiz Tour Dates Now Available

Don Felipe Muñiz (Marc Anthony's father), now eighty years old brings us his first musical production: "Nunca es Tarde" (It's Never too Late) with many wonderful surprises, like a duet with his son (Marc) and another one with internationally renowned singer Tito Nieves.

In support to the release of this new production, Don Felipe will be performing at selected "intimate" venues in the U.S. during Spring and Summer. Dates are now available. Contact Eddie Ortiz at Access Latin Entertainment: 773-988-7200 or

Tour dates are now available. Contact: Eddie Ortiz, or call 773-988-7200

Altertango Dates are now available for Altertango U.S. tour

Altertango is an iconic alternative tango band based in Argentina with more than 15 years since its creation; five studio albums , several world tours and lots of fans all over Argentina , Brasil , Chile , Spain, Switzerland , Sweden, France and other countries.  With their new musical production, Radiotango the band  recreates itself in an instrumental format with a repertoire made up of songs from their different albums, classics and works by their Tango Siglo XXI colleagues, in a musical journey that goes through times and composers. It's  powerful and recognizable sound is a fusion of chamber music , rock , jazz , experimental and tango, with dexterity and intensity.  They explore their instrumental side and experience with harmony, rhythm  and melodies; searching for new expression forms an. At the same time they keep a deep respect for the rich heritage of Argentina's urban music. Tour dates are now available. Contact: Eddie Ortiz, or call 773-988-7200

Press Kit:

Tour dates are now available. Contact: Eddie Ortiz, or call 773-988-7200

Ray Barretto, Jr. Tour Dates Now Available

Ray Barretto, Jr. is carrying on the legacy of his father, Ray Barretto, and is presenting a performance of much of his father’s repertoire. He is the natural heir to the Latin music legend that was Ray Barretto, the seminal bandleader and legendary percussionist.

Joining him on a 2017 world tour are two legendary Latin music singers who were the original singers with the Ray Barretto Orchestra; Adalberto Santiago and Tito Allen.

Hear Adalberto Santiago sing “Quitate La Mascara” with Ray Barretto’s orchestra:

Tour dates are now available. Contact: Eddie Ortiz, or call 773-988-7200

Growing Up Gonzales Show Coming Soon!

Growing Up Gonzales is a comedy with drama in two acts.

When Johnny Gonzales is forced to clean out the apartment of his recently deceased younger brother Cisco he discovers a treasure chest of private, personal notes left behind by his younger brother. The notes are pages and pages of events that happened in the past. They represent Cisco's innocent interpretation of love, life and everything in between. When Johnny begins to read these notes the magical journey Begins.

Growing Up Gonzales is a one man show about brotherly love, the healing power of saying goodbye and a whole lot more!

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Contact Eddie Ortiz for more information: or call 773-988-7200